Things you will get from your desert safari tour provider

When people hire a tour provider to go for the journey of desert safari then the provider will tell you all the details about the facilities they will provide you there in the sand. You have to be very careful when you are hiring any tour provider and always try to get the one with the most experience and with better reviews. Because it will take a lot of time to be familiar with the desert and if you go with an amateur service provider then you will get a lot of problems there. When you hire the best one for your evening desert safari tour then they will provide you the following entertainments there:

Camel rides: They will provide you the chance to get on the camels and move around the place. It will be a great and adventurous thing for the people especially who will do that for the first time. 

Belly dancing: They will also provide you the belly dancing of some local females who wore dresses of eye catching colors and with lots of shinning pearls on that to mesmerize you during their performance. This will not be available during the holy month of Ramadan otherwise you can experience that.

Refreshments: They will entertain you with the traditional Arabic drink known as Gehwa. You will find it a little bitter if you have not developed the taste of it but you can also ask for the sweetener to add in to it. Along with that they will serve you dates of the Arab. Dates are the fruit of Arab and you will find a huge variety there. They will also provide you the supply of soft drinks; regular tea, coffee and mineral water and all of these are included in your payment. You will get a non-stop supply of all these which means you can get them whenever you want and whichever quantity you want. They will also provide you dinner which is of buffet type where you will get to eat a lot of different foods of Arab and also continental. They also have the vegetarian food for people who avoid eating meat. They will also give you the facility to make your own bar-b-que and enjoy it with your friends on the fresh air of desert safari.

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