Get the best out of your visit to Dubai

The city of opportunities, shopper’s paradise, city of gold, city of festivals and the jewel of Arabia – so many names of a single place: Dubai. Dubai is surely one of the most happening cities in the world and it attracts fun lovers and adventure seekers from all around the world. Believe it or not, it’s not a long trackback in history when Dubai was nothing but a small town of fishermen and peal divers. But today, it’s home to countless fun activities that you may have always wanted to experience. Dubai has everything to offer that you can expect from an entertainment capital of the Middle East. To make your visit more interesting, following are the top entertainment packed activities that you must do in Dubai:

#1: Shop at world’s largest shopping mall

Of course, there are many claims about the biggest and largest malls in the world. But, the fact is that Dubai mall is the biggest shopping mall in the world based on its total area. Here, you will find the top brands from all over the world displaying their best collections to fulfill your desire for fashion and style. Looking at the world’s second largest indoor aquarium here will not only bring smiles on the faces of your kids but you would also be amazed to touch sharks and stingrays that will show up near the glass wall to say hello to you.

#2: Dinner with the dancing fountains

You won’t be able to forget a delightful dinner right next to the Dubai Dancing Fountains that will take your dining experience to an entirely new level.

#3: Indulge in festivity at Dubai Festival City

If you are looking for shopping, entertainment, dining and hotels at the same place, then Dubai Festival City is a must visit place for you. Dubai Festival City is an amazing entertainment district of Dubai that has everything that you can think of to provide the best family entertainment to you and your loved ones.

#4: Surf along the sand dunes

You will find a number of packages for desert safari in Dubai that offer an amazing experience of the desert by providing you the best dune surfing opportunities with top of the range 4×4 vehicles.

#5: Shop from the traditional markets

Dubai is a city of contrasts. Its modern, state of the art infrastructure will surely impress you like anything, but how can you forget to roam around the traditional old souks of Dubai to explore the lost treasures that you would love to buy for yourself and your loved ones? Make sure that you visit the traditional markets when visiting Dubai!